Wide Format Laminating

Protect and preserve important documents, maps,

newspaper clippings, posters, photos, bookmarks and more.


27 inches wide by any length. Our 1.5 mil laminate protects in a

crystal clear covering which actually enhances the colors in items

such as sports posters.


With 27" roll laminate, this unit

will protect larger items like

posters,  maps, newspaper pages

and poster board signs



The pouch laminator is used for heavier,

stiffer "pouch" laminates

typically for items needing

more protection  such as SS cards,

medical cards, membership cards, etc.

Sizes from business card to 11" x 17"



Charges are $1.50 per running foot with a $6.00 minimum charge

Charges for pouch laminating are based on size and thickness of laminate required.



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